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About Us

Find Your Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a Veteran-Owned small business looking to provide safe, natural alternatives to the long list of relief products on the market. 

Our mission is to provide solutions to improve overall wellness through natural, pure, and potent plant-based solutions. Purity is verified through 3rd-party lab testing. As a Veteran, after years of challenges and dealing with body discomfort and anxiety, I finally found the right balance of holistic care that I am sharing with everyone.

Our Story

Being a veteran and a single dad life was constantly throwing curveballs at me. In between the everyday stress and anxiety of raising two girls, my body would feel the strain from being active.


I have never been big with taking lots of over-the-counter products but had to in many cases. Because of my career and personal choice, I have never indulged in marijuana though more states are legalizing the recreational use of it. I had heard of the benefits of marijuana and how it worked in the system. Then I came across CBD which offered me a completely legal alternative that did not get me high.


With the challenges of life, I, fortunately, found a legal natural alternative that helped improve my wellness. While looking at CBD holistic solutions for well-being, anxiety, stress management, relaxation, and pain relief, they made a difference for me. While on this journey, I discovered that this all-natural plant-based solution partnered with Yoga, meditation, and other natural methods had the best results.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I ask that you take this holistic journey with me. Try our products and provide your honest feedback. We want to hear about your journey. Your feedback will help others and I understand what it means to improve our overall wellness.

If not completely satisfied we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Thank You!

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